Saturday, July 2, 2011

I will return

It's been a while since I posted. Been busy with life, now that the nice weather is here I 've been getting out more often. But I will continue posting stuff. Here's something for today;

Part XXIV – Gaea’s Sentinel

“Storm’s comin’ in,” Dyer says, looking out over the plains, Kilimanjaro rising up through the clouds of the storm.
“It’s quite a sight.”
“Been a long time since I’ve seen somethin’ like this, or even felt real, clean rain.”
“Where you been, Dyer?”
“I live in Phoenix Arcodome now.  We don’t have real weather there; it’s all engineered.  But here, it’s beautiful.  Half the continent’s really a preserve?”
“Yep.  That’s what we fought the African Conflict for.  Those Farmtech bastards wanted to terraform hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, wipe out everything you can see, to engineer ‘better’ plants and animals.  We would’ve lost all this forever.”
“You think anyone else ever fought a war for nature before?”
“I don’t think anyone ever had to before.  This was one of the last places on Earth you could see it like it was; before people took over everything.  Before we needed a Gaea Liberation Front to wake people up.  Before the Earth Liberation Army was formed to stop those like Farmtech, and the Company, from taking away the last of Nature’s beauty.”
“It’s incredible you guys won.  Didn’t the E.L.A. nearly get wiped out?”
“A lot of lives were lost, on both sides, out here in the wild.  See that lone tree over there?”  He points.  “We lost over two hundred good men and women in the battle there.  We lost good friends and soldiers back then.  We were out to save the world.”
“Is that why you stayed out here?  Why you still live here?”
The tall, stocky man shoulders his old-style double-barrel slugrifle, and looks toward the approaching storm.
“This is the Earth as she was meant to be, my friend.  Now, c’mon; let’s go shoot some dinner, and maybe get you some native real animal skin souvenir of  your trip.”

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