Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ashcan comics

I'm moving along with my Gobon story. I really dig these guys. Cute, fat robots, powerful enough to destroy the universe! MUAAHAHAHAHA!! Well, probably not, but, still pretty strong.
You can see more about Gobon here;
And here;
And, well, all over Matt's site. You can even get your very own Stealth Gobon (Just like our very own Stel, but without the hammer) here;

Enough plugging of Matt's stuff; on to mine;

Stel, Kren, and Clied investigate an outlying world, where the local Nav Beacon has stopped transmitting. They find the ground covered in a strange ash, with no sign of the structures that were once present.

With none of the familiar landmarks, and with twilight coming, they still have not located the Beacon.

At last, they locate the Beacon, but still don't know the cause of its malfunction.

Very quickly, the cause is discovered.

Battle is joined...

But it does not go well, particularly for Clied
'My arm! Flaming bastard!'

Will they be victorious? Will they be able to repair the Beacon? Will Clied get his arm back? Will I bother to finish this little story? (Probably not)

Thanks for stopping by! Next time I'll get back to my main story.

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