Saturday, March 12, 2011

It starts coming together

Right about now the story starts to come together.
And just because I listened to this earlier;

Stayin Alive has the best bass line ever. There, I said it. :)

Part VI – Connections

‘This has to be the easiest money we’ve made in a while,’ the bald man thinks.  ‘This better go down well.  Ever since the Company blew up our apartment, I’ve eaten nothing but kibble and meal bars.’  He puts down his half-eaten meal bar and takes a swig of his hooch.  ‘When Stern buys that Jelly from us, we’ll be all set.  Think I’ll get a new driver seat for the old aircar.  Some nice synthsuede, with massage.’  He turns up the radio.
            “…and here’s the latest from The Element; Rock Tone and crew got a new bassist, and a mini-tour, coming right here to New Boston Meg, on the Level Two Common.  This cut is ‘Farmtech Sucks,’ from the album ‘The Egg Machine’…”
            ‘I’ll have to see Rock when he comes around.  Assuming Farmtech doesn’t get the show sabotaged or canceled again.  His music isn’t always my style, but he is my old buddy, and they put on a good show.  And we really need a break from all this for awhile.  Syneshtia’s not a short trip, or a nice place to visit.  And the Pocait Trade Alliance wasn’t too happy with us ‘liberating’ that cargo ship for the trip home.  If that woman wasn’t such a good pilot, we’d be scattered all over the Syneshtan System.  It’s too bad what happened to her, crashing into her own place like that.  At least she went out in a blaze of glory; now what was her name?  Daly… Delia…?”
            His train of thought is broken by a flashing light and buzzer on the dash.  ‘The panic signal.  Something’s wrong.  Better take the ol’ aircar up for a look.’  As the bald man pilots his aircar up toward the brown, hazy sky, he sees what looks like someone falling.  The panic signal sounds again.
            “There he is,” he says aloud, steering toward his falling partner.  ‘Here we go again,’ he thinks.  ‘No vacation on New Kolarr for me anytime soon.’
            The bald man takes a bite of his meal bar and reaches to turn on the anti-grav ray to save his partner from the ground far, far below.

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