Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Double shot

These parts are both pretty short, so I've got a double-shot today.

And just because;

Part IX – Downtime

            The bald man looks up from his desk when his partner comes in.  “Where you been?” he asks
            “Shopping, I guess you could say.  Got a new gun.  It’s old, of course; a Wesson-Jones.  Different from the Kolts I have, but a good old slugthrower nonetheless.”
            “I got bad news partner,” the bald man says.  “I talked to Rock earlier.  Declan got nailed.”
            “Declan?  How?  He’s one of the best.”
            “Rock said it was on a job against the Company.  He said Declan and Wilson took out a few security teams before they ran into a Eudoran.  Now he’s nearly brain-dead.  No function except to keep him alive.”
            “Those bastards.  First that Borg, now this.  Robots, aliens, what’s next, Syneshtia Bees in the aircar?”
            “So what do we do?” the bald man asks his partner.
            “What do we do?  We get the bastards who’re responsible.  We go after the Company.  Get in touch with Rock and the others.  We’re going to need some help on this one.”

Part X – Our Gang

            The stereo is on in the background as the three friends sit in Rock Tone’s studio.
            “…And that was the new song from Rock Tone and the Element.  The latest on the shooting at their show yesterday.  The bassist was apprehended this morning, after killing four cops and wounding twenty-two people, mostly people at the free concert.  Hats off to her, and luck to the Element finding a replacement for their cursed bassist spot…”
            “Radio,” says Rock. “Shut the hell up.”  The stereo turns itself off, and Rock turns to his two friends.  “So what do we have to do?”
            The bald man turns to his partner.  “Yeah, what’s the deal?”
            “Rock,” his partner starts, “I need you to call on our old buddy Facelift.”
            “He ain’t been around since he flatlined Vampire Jones.”
            “That was a couple years back.  I think Jones’s corporate pals are over it by now.  Just see what he says.”
            “I’ll call Vostok,” the bald man suggests.  “I’m sure we could use his help.”
            “Good idea,” his partner says.
            “And you?” Rock asks.
            “I’m going to call an old war buddy of mine who owes me a big one.  I think the six of us will be good.”
            “We’ve got our team, and our objective.  We’re golden!” Rock sings.
            “Yeah; we just need one thing now,” the bald man mutters.
            “What’s that, big guy?”  Rock asks.
            “A plan.”
            The radio turns itself back on…
            “…her last words as Element bassist Moon Lace was being dragged into the prison; ‘I didn’t shoot no one that didn’t need shootin’…’”

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