Sunday, May 1, 2011

Names have power. And consequences.

Did you ever give someone a fake name, knowing you wouldn't see them again, so you could be whoever you wanted to be, just for the night? Then you know what I mean.
Did you ever give someone a fake number? Well then, you suck. Don't be a coward, just tell them you're not interested. You deal with a moment of feeling uncomfortable, rather than subjecting them to possibly hours or days of discomfort, and feeling like a fool, and looking like a heartless bitch.

On to the story...

Part XIX – Name Game

She watches him run the high hurdles course, clearing every one.  She admires his firm, lean body, muscles sweating in the heat of the day.  ‘Those legs,’ she thinks, ‘sooo well built.  Kurita-LR800; the best.  Good for anything, amazing for runners, especially pros like him.  Damn, he looks good in that bronze real-muscle look.’
When he finishes the hurdles, he begins laps on the outside track.  She runs up beside him.
“Hi.  Nice workout,” she says.
“Hi.  Thanks,” he responds.
“Kuritas, huh?  You like them?  Fast enough?” she asks.
“They’re plenty fast, pretty lady.”
“Wanna race?” she asks, putting her long, red hair into a ponytail.
“What do I get when I win?” he asks, confident of the outcome.
“A kiss.”
“And if you win, however unlikely that may be?”
“A kiss.”
“O.K.  Four times around the track, on three.”  He slows his pace to let her get a few steps ahead.  “One, two, three.”
She takes off in a blur.  He’s never seen anyone move so fast.  She shattered his world record, beating him by many seconds.  He couldn’t believe it.  She jogs over to him from the finish.
“How?  What kind of legs are those?  That’s incredible!”
“They’re alien tech,” she answers.  “Got them through the Pocait Trade Alliance.  Illegal for sports, but great for getting out of bad situations.  Or into good ones.”
“Wow. Amazing.”  He still can’t believe it.
“So where’s my kiss?” she asks, leaning toward him.
“Oh, I…” He is unable to finish his words.

As she gets into his vehicle to go to his place, he begins to speak, and turns to her.
“I feel I should at least tell you who I am.   My name…”  She stops him.
“Ssshh… no.  No names.”
“Why?” he asks.
“I don’t want anything strange to happen to us.”

 Hope you enjoyed this part. It's one of my favorites. More in a few days. Thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment so I know you were here. ? Even if it's just 'Kilroy was here'. :)

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