Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh no, not again

Someone must get the reference in the title and the story. Someone must get this, I don't want to pass the Dennis Miller Ratio (3 in 100 people will get his references). I'll give you a prize, possibly a no-prize, if you get it right.
This is the third time I've written out this blog entry. Both other times, something went awry with Blogger, and the post was deleted. I hope this problem doesn't repeat itself. Or...Oh no, not again...

Part XXI – My Favorite Wilson

“Hurry up, they’re coming.”  Declan says, wiping the sweat from his brow.
“I’m working fast as I can,” says Wilson.  “This lock’s real tough.”  He’s jacked into the door, trying to crack it.  “Where’s the bald man and his partner?  They’re supposed to be here.”
“Don’t worry, Wilson.  They’ll be here.  They’ve never let me down before.”
“I’ve almost got it,” Wilson says, looking up.  “Here they come!”
Around the corner step three Securbots, rifles raised and ready to fire.  Declan runs into the group, vibro-sword swinging in a whirlwind blur of motion.  One bot’s gun is cut in half, another’s legs are chopped at the knee.  The third loses its head.  He finishes them off before they fire a single shot.
“Almost too easy,” Declan says, smiling.  A second later, he dives to the floor to avoid the bolter fire from the six Securbots coming down the hall.
“I can’t get the door!” Wilson shouts.  “I’ve been locked out!”
“Shit!” Declan shouts.
The six Securbots round the corner, rifles at the ready.
The door behind Declan and Wilson, the door that denied them entry, opens.
“Get in!” the bald man shouts.  He’s holding a single-missile launcher, ready to fire.
With Declan and Wilson in the lift, the doors begin to close, the Securbots begin to fire, and the bald man takes his one shot at the group of bots.  The whole lift, indeed the whole building, rocks with the explosion.  The lift stops suddenly on the thirtieth floor.
“Uh-oh,” Wilson grunts.  “Our vehicle’s on the twenty-fifth.”
“Mine’s on this floor.  I had to change the escape plan.  My partner’s driving,” the bald man explains.
“He can drive an aircar?”
The three of them exit the lift and run down the hall.  The bald man takes the lead, going into an office to their left.
“There’s no way out,” Declan remarks, looking around the room with only one door.
“Yes there is.”  The bald man sets small charges on the wall.  They blast a section clean out, allowing them access to the next room.  They climb through into the room with windows.  The bald man places explosives on a window, blasting a hole for them to escape through.
“Now what?” Declan remarks.
“Now we jump,” the bald man says, straight-faced.
“Serious?”  Wilson blurts out, surprised.
“It’s fine,” the bald man says.  “My partner’s waiting.  We’ve done this before.”
“You first,” Wilson gestures to the bald man.
“No.  All at once.”  He motions the other two toward the window.  Wilson moves slowly, still unsure.  This makes him the first the Securbots see when they come through the door, rifles ready.  Their bolters cut him down as he draws his pistol.
“Wilson!”  Declan yells as the bald man dives into him, taking them both out the hole in the window.

In the aircar on the way to Declan’s place on Level Two, he has his head in his hands, pulling at his short, black hair.
“Wilson,” he says.  “Dammit.  Shit!”
“Hey, I’m sorry Declan,” the bald man says, turning to his friend.  “We’ve all lost a buddy in battle.  I know it can hurt.”
“Oh, I’m not worried about that.  Wilson’s a clone.  That was Wilson06.  I’ll just get another one.”
“Oh,” says the bald man, surprised.  “Then what’s wrong?”
“That particular Wilson had the data that we broke into that place to steal in his O.B.C.”
“He was my favorite Wilson,” the bald man’s partner chimes in, chuckling to himself.

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